A permanent smile-
Pains my face, brings me to tears
With You I’ve found bliss

Love Poetry

Your love is a riposte of bitter oranges
Remuneration, spoken with words of aged memory

My love is that of a stray animal, performing a feint for attention
Meandering an aimless pattern down the street of consequence

Your love is the eternal nature
Green with bough and branch,
Yet gives no respite from the Sun’s ancient array

My love is that of a gambler
Emotionally dry
Yet words are wet with implication

Our love is bitter and sweet
A nothing issue in the grand schema
One sided and broken
Done and spoken,





Tu amor es una estocada de naranjas amargas
Retribución, que se habla con palabras de memoria de edad

Mi amor es el de un animal extraviado, haciendo una finta por atención
Serpenteando un patrón sin rumbo por la calle de la consecuencia

Tu amor es la naturaleza eterna
Verde con rama y brote,
Sin embargo, no da respiro de la antigua pompa del Sol

Mi amor es el de un jugador
Emocionalmente seco
Sin embargo, las palabras están empapadas de inferencia

Nuestro amor es amargo y dulce
Una cuestión nada en el gran esquema
De una cara y roto
Hecho y hablado,




Holy Hadrian.


what the actual fuck this sucks.

2010 Holiday update

What do they say to the man who is behind the wheel of a Maglev train?

“Hey, Superconductor!

We at the 4AM society would like to apologize for the utter lack of content updates. Fact of the matter is – that for now at least – we have given up the dream and started grinding.

Don’t let it happen to you, that is unless you write for a blog that allows you to post during normal daylight hours. I suppose you’d be okay in that situation, but fat chance on that one.

In other news, I am hoping to launch a new semi-travel-oriented (you’ll see what I mean) blog in 2011. I will put up links here on 4AMSociety if it shifts into gear, hopefully sometime early 2011.

Until then,
Happy holidays.


Feast your eyes

“What if our universe started out as not quite real, a sort of illusion, as the Hindu religion teaches, and God, out of love and kindness for us, is slowly transmuting it, slowly and secretly, into something real?”

How To Build A Universe That Doesn’t Fall Apart Two Days Later – An essay by Phillip K. Dick

Examining in detail quite literally everything, Philip K Dick‘s essay is in the Literature category tonight.
As per usual, it is 4AM.

Submitted by Stephen

Bruiser: A Street Sweeper’s Tales
A shining literary gem found at the bottom of a dumpster behind the 4 AM Society.
Submitted by Stephen

Here we are again.

Sometimes I think,
“People would respect me more if I was blind in one eye.”

But then again,
I could never be a racecar driver.

Problems sometimes.

Stephen R George